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    UA1200 Professional Laser Distance Meter

    • Brand :UYIGAO
    • Product:others instrument
    • No.:

     Specifications:Measurement Range: 5 - 1200 yards (Can be measured in 1200 meters in good condition).Measuring Way: Semi-conductor Laser  (No harm for the eyes)Range Deviation : + 1mRanging

    1. Detailed information


    Measurement Range: 5 - 1200 yards (Can be measured in 1200 meters in good condition).

    Measuring Way: Semi-conductor Laser  (No harm for the eyes)

    Range Deviation : + 1m

    Ranging Display Mode: LCD Display in the visual field

    Effective Objective Lens Diameter: 25mm

    Coating: Multilayer Coating

    Exit Pupil Diameter: 3.8mm

    Exit Pupil Distance: 12mm

    Focus Mode: Eyepiece Focusing

    Telescope Rate: 10x

    In the real field of 1000 meter: 100M

    Measuring Mode: Design into two modes (within 50 meters/over 50 meters) meters and yards selectable 

    Power supply: 3V (CR2 Dry Battery )

    Product Color: Red & Gray

    Dimension: 40X105X75mm

    Weight: 180g

    Accessories: Batteries, English manual, Clean Fabric For Telescope Lens 


    1.Do not open the rangefinder without permission,  avoid damage this instrument .
    2.Do not rub the glass surface by hand, please wipe with a special lens cleaning cloth. 
    3. Do not flip the battery.
    4.Should to remove the battery if not use it.
    5.should be placed in a dry place if not used.
    6.Working temperature should be between  -20 ℃ ~ +40 ℃.

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