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  1. UA962 Digital Light Illuminance Meter
  2. UA962 Digital Light Illuminance Meter
  3. UA962 Digital Light Illuminance Meter
  4. UA962 Digital Light Illuminance Meter
  5. UA962 Digital Light Illuminance Meter

UA962 Digital Light Illuminance Meter

  • Brand :UYIGAO
  • Product:Digital Illumination Meters
  • No.:

Features◆High accuracy, fast response◆Color LCD display with backlight◆Temperature measurement◆Enable/Disable auto power off◆Automatically revise parameters for nonstandard illumination◆Selectable mea

  1. Detailed information

◆High accuracy, fast response
◆Color LCD display with backlight
◆Temperature measurement
◆Enable/Disable auto power off
◆Automatically revise parameters for nonstandard illumination
◆Selectable measurement units LUX/FC
◆MAX/MIN record
◆Backlight LCD display, facilitating the operation in the dark places
◆Automatic measurement
◆Low battery indication

Display:4 digits color LCD display
Measuring range:0 Lux~200K Lux, 0Fc~20KFc
Resolution:<1000 :="" 0.1="">1000:1
Spectral response:CIE photopic(CIE human eye response curve)
Over range indication:LCD displays "-OL-" or "-LO-"
Spectral accuracy:CIE Vλfunction(f1’≦ 6%, f2’≦ 2%)
Accuracy:±3% rdg±8 d (<10,000lux),±4% 10d="">10,000Lux)
Sampling rate:500ms
Photo detector:Silicon photo-diode with spectral response filter
Battery life:at least 60 hours
Operating conditions:Temperature:-20~60℃,-4~140℉; Humidity: 10%~90RH%
Storage conditions:Temperature:-20~60℃,-4~140℉; Humidity: 10%~75 RH%
Power supply:3*1.5V “AAA” batteriesv

Package included
1 * light meter
1 * User manual
►Batteries are not included!!!

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