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    UA9802A+ High-Performance Professional Digital Multimeters

    • Brand :UYIGAO
    • Product:Digital Multimeters
    • No.:UAxxxx series

    Products Features:1. The full protection function2. New shockproof3. The large screen display, the character is clear4. Strong anti-jamming capabilityBasic FunctionRangeAccuracyDC Voltage200mV/ 2V/ 20

    1. Detailed information



    UA9802A+ is an easy to operate ,accurate , rugged, battery operated, handheld 3½ digit DMM for measuring DC and AC voltage,

    DC and AC current, Resistance and Diode, Capacitor, Transistor (HFE), Continuity, etc..

    UA9802A+ is an ideal instrument for use in the field, lab, workshop or educational environment


      DC Voltage

       Range: 200mV-1000V,  Accuracy: ±(0.5 of  rdg+1digit) *typical

       AC Voltage

       Range: 200mV-750V ,  Accuracy: ±(0.8 of  rdg +3 digit) *typical

       DC Current

       Range: 20mA-20A ,  Accuracy: ±(0.8of  rdg +1 digit) *typical

       AC Current

       Range: 20mA-20A ,  Accuracy: ±(1of  rdg +3 digit) *typical


       Range: 200Ω-2000MΩ, Accuracy: ±(2.5of  rdg +3 digit) *typical


       Range: 2nF-200μF, Accuracy: ±(2.5of  rdg +5 digit) *typical


    Range:-40~1000 Accuracy: ±(0.8rdg + 3digit)


    Range200kH Accuracy: ±(2.0rdg + 5digit)

       Transistor Test : Yes, Approximate hFE value

       Diode Test:    Yes, Approx forward voltage

       Continuity Test:  Yes, Buzzer sounds and led lights

       Automatic Power off: Yes, after 15 minutes of no operation

       General Characteristic:

       Maximum Display: 1999 counts (3½ digits)

    Power Supply: One 9V battery (NEDA 1062 6F22 type or equivalent)

      Size: 88 x 170 x 38 mm

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