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    UA9208N High-Precision Digital Multimeters Full Protection

    • Brand :OEM/ODM,UYIGAO
    • Product:Digital Multimeters
    • No.:UAxxxx series

    Products overview:1. The protection function, high voltage ignition circuit design2. New shockproof, streamlined design, comfortable feel3. The large screen display, the character is clear4. Strong an

    1. Detailed information


    UA9208N is an easy to operate ,accurate , rugged, battery operated, handheld 3½ digit DMM for measuring DC and AC voltage, DC and AC current, 

    Resistance and Diode, Capacitor, Temperature,Frequency,Transistor (HFE), Continuity, etc.. 

    UA9208N is an ideal instrument for use in the field, lab, workshop or educational environment



      DC Voltage

       Range: 200mV-1000V,  Accuracy: ±(0.5 of  rdg+1digit) *typical

       AC Voltage

       Range: 200mV-750V ,  Accuracy: ±(0.8 of  rdg +3 digit) *typical

       DC Current

       Range: 20mA-20A ,  Accuracy: ±(0.8of  rdg +1 digit) *typical

       AC Current

       Range: 20mA-20A ,  Accuracy: ±(1of  rdg +3 digit) *typical


       Range: 200Ω2000MΩ, Accuracy: ±(2.5of  rdg +3 digit) *typical


       Range: 2nF-200μF, Accuracy: ±(2.5of  rdg +5 digit) *typical

      Temperature:-40~1000℃ Accuracy: ±(0.8%rdg + 3digit)

     Frequency:200kH Accuracy: ±(2.0%rdg + 5digit)

       Transistor Test : Yes, Approximate hFE value

       Diode Test:    Yes, Approx forward voltage

       Continuity Test:  Yes, Buzzer sounds and led lights

       Automatic Power off: Yes, after 15 minutes of no operation

       General Characteristic:

       Maximum Display: 1999 counts (3½ digits)

    Power Supply: One 9V battery (NEDA 1062 6F22 type or equivalent)

      Size: 88 x 170 x 38 mm


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