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multimeter's Ture RMS

Presently, some advanced multimeters/clamp meters, etc.  have True-RMS (T-RMS) functionality. So why add this feature?

Many commercial and industrial installations are disturbing the frequent tripping of circuit breakers. These trips often seem random and puzzling. In fact, there is a reason for it. 

Generally speaking, there are two reasons for this phenomenon. The first possible reason is some load, especially the impulse current generated by personal computers and other electronic devices when they are switched on. Another possible reason is that the measured value of the real current in the loop is lower than the true value. In other words, the actual current is too high.

In modern installations, such a low current measurement is a high occurrence phenomenon. Since the current digital measuring instrument is so accurate and reliable,

 Why does it happen again? The answer is that many measuring instruments are not suitable for measuring distorted (distorted) currents, and most of the currents are distorted.

What is True-RMS?

True-RMS is the meaning of true rms, ture is the true and correct meaning, rms is the square root of the average of the squares of a set of statistical data, referred to as the rms value, also called the effective value; the time of the multimeter is measured The square root of the average squared value of the data with different values recorded in the segment, collectively referred to as the true rms value, also called true rms.

The multimeters designed and manufactured by our company: UA19 series, UA97, UA78 series, etc. all have T-RMS function, and clamp meter such as UA2008 series and UA3268 series also have T-RMS function.

Add this function T-RMS, our multimeter and tongs test values are more realistic and effective.

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