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UA963 Digital Temperature and Humidity Meter

UA963: Digital Temperature and Humidity Meter, Mini Psychrometer Thermo-Hygrometer with Dew Point and Wet Bulb Temperature Hygrometer for Industry, Agriculture, Meteorology and Daily Life

●Imported high accuracy humidity &temperature sensor ,high accuracy, fast response
●Color LCD display with backlight
●Temperature unit selection:℃/℉
●Dew point temperature
●Wet bulb temperature
●Enable/Disable auto power off
●Over range indication
●Low battery indication

--Range:0~ 100%RH
--Humidity:Range45~75RH%;Accuracy±3.0 RH%;Others±4.5 RH%;Resolution0.1
--Dew point temp:Range20℃~70℃ /-4℉~158℉;Accuracy±1.5℃/±2.7℉;Resolution0.1
--Remark:Accuracy is based on environment condition of 25℃;40 RH%~100 RH%
--Wet bulb temp:Range20℃~70℃/ -4℉~158℉;Accuracy±1.5℃/±2.7℉;Resolution0.1
--Data update:0.5S
--Operating conditions:-20℃~60℃/-4℉~140℉,10 RH%~90 RH%
--Storage conditions:-20℃~60℃/-4℉~140℉,10 RH%~75 RH%
--Power supply:3*1.5V “AAA” batteries
--Battery life:at least 50 hours

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